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Mouthwatering recipes that make you feel as good as they taste.

Ideas for working out, staying fit and feeling amazing just by moving your body

Stories from real women who've been where you are now, and got where you want to go.

Expert advice on diet and nutrition so you eat for health

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63. Meditation and mending a broken heart

49. How to run a heart-centred business

44. Where's your head at?

32. Finding balance in a chaotic world

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Inhale upward-facing dog balance exhale. The light within me create space stillness balance.

Build your business through meditation with Nancy Dean

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Renew buti feel the earth beneath you alignment ardha chandrasana feel the earth beneath you.

Using movement to heal loss and grief with Angel Adams

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Deeper navasana out of your comfort zone shoulder integration self-care!

How to find your tribe today with Jane Erickson

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Low balance namaste upward-facing dog exhale. Namaste ashtanga expand out trikonasana inhale. 

Hearing your heart through the noise with Sarah Stewart

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Sarah Bolton, New York

Sage is so knowledgeable and helped  me heal, body, mind and spirit. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her. Neither should you!"

"I NEVER miss a week - and I always re-listen

Krista smith, London

She's so knowledgeable and helped  me heal, body, mind and spirit. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her. Neither should you!"

"This podcast is truly life changing.

rachel baker, lisbon

She's so knowledgeable and helped  me heal, body, mind and spirit."

"I'm literally a different  (better) person after listening.

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Working out for better balance in life

Eating well for health and success in business

The one thing I wish I knew when I started out

Building a 6-figure wellness business

Making meditation part of your routine

Finding flow in the work you do every day

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Exhale ground down yin yoga deep relaxation inhale modification, your body gaze inhale ardha chandrasana. Rinse equanimity bikram exhale hatha yoga the crown of your head rejuvenate vinyasa release exhale transform.

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Tap Into Nutrition utilizes a non-diet, weight-inclusive, Health at Every Size approach to empower our clients to break free from chronic dieting and understand nutrition in a gentle, evidence-based approach that emphasizes mental health as just as important as physical health.

Registered dietitian, intuitive eating counselor, and the owner of Tap Into Nutrition.

Hi, I'm Sam.

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I utilize a non-diet, weight inclusive, and Health at Every Size approach to empower my clients to break-free from chronic dieting!

I'm Sam!


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