April 11, 2023

Movement and Intuitive Eating: Reframing your Relationship to Exercise

Intuitive Eating

No, we’re not trying to sell you on a new workout plan. Come on, you know us better than that…. But we are going to be discussing movement and intuitive eating.

If you find yourself dreading your workout, maybe it’s time to try something else? First of all, we prefer to use the term “movement”. This makes SO many more things accessible to us than only considering “workouts”.

Reframing Your Relationship With Exercise as an Intuitive Eater

Movement and Intuitive Eating

Instead of forcing yourself to try to change your mindset (and then possibly feeling shame), find movement that you actually enjoy:

Walking, dancing, jump roping, yoga (yes, even yin or restorative), cycling, rock climbing, kayaking, strength or body weight training, roller blading, gardening, swimming, hiking, playing a sport, jumping on a trampoline and so much more! It all counts! And even more so if you add a smile 🙂

Movement and Intuitive Eating: The Takeaway

More about inclusive and supportive fitness on the Motivation Made Easy podcast with @psychology.of.wellness. Check out this blog post for the link and while you’re there, browse all the podcast interviews we’ve had the joy of being a guest on.

If you’re looking to schedule a free discovery call to learn more about working with an intuitive eating dietitian and finally finding the food freedom you deserve, click here.

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