Fight back against diet culture

April 11, 2023

How to Fight Against Diet Culture: 5 things you can do right now

Intuitive Eating

Fight against diet culture

Obsessive dieting and eating disorders…. let’s talk about it. Are you curious about what you can do to fight back against diet culture?

According to a study by the National Eating Disorder Association, 35% of dieting becomes obsessive and 20-25% of dieters develop eating disorders. 🤯🤯

In an effort to break the stigma against eating disorders and end diet talk, Tap Into Nutrition and Therapyology joined forces this week to bring you some reminders and helpful tools to fight against diet culture.💪🏻

“Children are 242 times more likely to develop an eating disorder than type 2 diabetes” – Alisa Ramsey, author of Unapologetic Eating: Make Peace with Food and Transform Your Life

5 Things You Can Do to Fight Against Diet Culture

Fight against diet culture

Tip #1 – Embrace body diversity and remember that it naturally exists

We can all eat the same and exercise the same and we still all would look differently.

How can you honor your hear and now body?

Try: Finding clothes that fit your body, instead of trying to fit into clothes you have outgrown.

Tip #2 – Set boundaries with friends and family

Limit conversations around diet talk.

Instead, how could you have empowering conversations that lead to self-love and appreciation for our bodies and all that they do for us?

Try: Changing the subject or removing yourself from the situation altogether to avoid diet talk.

Tip #3 – Know that there are no such things as “good” or “bad” foods

Food has no moral value.

How can you honor your bodies wants and needs through balanced nutrition?

Try: Next time you see food at the store that you want to buy but “shouldn’t” (for reasons other than being allergic, dietary sensitivity, or not liking them) buy it and genuinely enjoy.

Curious about Intuitive Eating and what resources may be helpful? Learn more about my favorite Intuitive Eating resources here!

Tip #4 – Stop complimenting weight loss and on people’s bodies altogether

Remember that when we compliment someone for being in a smaller body, we’re indirectly implying that there was something wrong with their body before.

How can we shift our compliments to be focused on someone’s personality, character, talents, etc. instead?

Try: Saying something like “Wow (friends name), hanging out with you is really good for my mental health because you are like the human version of sunshine.”

Tip #5 – Unfollow people who don’t make you feel good about yourself

Remember, you are in control of whose content you consume on social media.

How can you filter your feed to bring you peace and happiness?

Try: Going through whom you follow and unfollow anyone (family, friends, old classmates, influencers, companies, brands) who do not serve you. No explanation to them needed.

Fight against diet culture

Seek support from Therapyology

Their practice is made of licensed clinical social workers. They see many adolescents and help individuals work through many self-esteem and body image related issues.

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Seek support from Tap Into Nutrition

Working with a registered dietitian and intuitive eating counselor, like Sam, is a way to support your journey to finding a healthy relationship with food and your body.

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Tell us what you learned in the comments and something you will try the next time you encounter #diettalk. Feel free to share this blog post with someone you think could benefit from these messages! 💓

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