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April 11, 2023

Self-Care for Intuitive Eaters: How to Build a Toolbox Beyond Food

Intuitive Eating

Self-care for Intuitive Eaters is very important. Utilizing food to comfort and nourish yourself is not only normal, but it’s also perfectly healthy.

It means your body’s got your back! I mean, let’s be real, there are much more destructive ways to cope than with a couple of cookies. The issue rises when your only coping mechanism is food. When this happens, a couple of cookies probably won’t cut it and it likely will turn into the whole sleeve and I can almost guarantee no one feels better (emotionally or physically) after eating a sleeve of cookies.

Not to mention the urgency and shame you’re likely going to feel while eating them, completely sabotaging the experience even more!

Instead, we need a toolbox of coping strategies for when life gets stressful. Food can absolutely be a part of that but we need other support too.

Check out this list of self-care ideas to build your toolbox and keep it handy for when you may need some suggestions!

Self-care for intuitive eaters

Toolbox for Intuitive Eaters

  • Go for a walk. Take a walk outside on a nature trail, walk your dog, or jump on a treadmill to get your steps in and clear your head.
  • Do a face mask. Pamper yourself with some beauty time! A face mask is a great way to force yourself to relax while taking care of your skin.
  • Listen to music. Music is a common coping strategy. Put on your favorite tunes, and bonus points for something upbeat that you can dance and sing along to.
  • Cook or bake. I know I always feel better after cooking myself a nice meal or baking banana bread! Take time for yourself to make delicious food that makes you happy.
  • Paint your nails. Another beauty self-care idea is to paint your nails. It will make you feel more put together and confident! Choose a color that is speaking to you and even throw on a couple of nail stickers to really jazz it up.
  • Journal. Set time aside to write down how you are feeling in your journal. You can also doodle or draw if that feels supportive to you.

More Self-Care Ideas

  • Meditate or stretch. Stretching, deep breathing, and meditation are great ways to relax and take care of yourself on a hard day. You can find free guided meditations on Spotify and Youtube!
  • Call a friend. There is nothing wrong with phoning a friend when life gets tough. It can help you feel better to talk through your emotions with someone else.
  • Try a new craft. Nothing beats the fun and thrill of trying something new! Even if it is just a new craft or hobby. Take up crocheting or knitting, and see what things you can make.
  • Take a bath or shower. Sometimes all you need is a nice, warm bath or shower. Toss in your favorite bath bomb or soaking salts for an extra self-care boost.
  • Listen to a podcast. You can listen to a podcast while out on a walk, or doing chores. Check out this article for a list of podcast episodes I’ve been featured on!
  • Read a book. Head over to the library or Barnes and Noble to get yourself a new book! Then you can curl up on the couch and spend a few hours relaxing and reading.

Self-Care for Intuitive Eaters

Save this graphic above for inspiration on days when you need extra TLC!

Self-Care for Intuitive Eaters: The Takeaway

Self-care is an essential component of maintaining a healthy and sustainable relationship with food as an Intuitive Eater. By prioritizing self-care practices, Intuitive Eaters can fill up their own cup and better connect with themselves.

Remember that self-care is not a one-size-fits-all approach and requires continuous exploration and trial and error to find what works best for you. What feels supportive to one person might not feel supportive to another- and that’s totally okay!

Let us know what else you might add to this list in the comments below!

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