October 6, 2023

Our New Private Practice Co-Working Space!


I am thrilled to share some exciting news with all of you…Tap Into Nutrition has a physical home! We’re still offering virtual sessions, but now also having a physical home for those who prefer in-person feels so special. And that’s not all…it’s also a new private practice co-working space!

I was a bit nervous sharing the news but have been so grateful for all of the support. The Practice Collective is officially open!

What is The Practice Collective?

The Practice Collective is a passion project centered around creating space for local private practices to grow while building community of value-aligned professionals. In creating this co-working space, the goal is to give you opportunity to build relationships with other professionals, expand your practice reach and impact, and host continuing education and community events.

Private Offices & Space for Groups

We offer both furnished private offices available for reservation and a dedicated area for hosting groups and educational events. The whole space has been thoughtfully designed to be warm, welcoming, and safe for both you and your clients.

More Than a Co-Working Space – A Thriving Community:

We have so many fun plans for member events to help you connect with other professionals, earn continuing education, and elevate your practice. Here’s what’s coming up at our private practice co-working space!

  • October 13th @ 1pm: Meditation Workshop with Eileen Rose
  • October 26th @ 12pm: Co-working + Networking Hour
  • November 10th @ 11am-1pm: Introduction to Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size for Professionals Live Workshop
Pink private practice co-working invitation to the guided meditation workshop with eileen rose miles on October 13th at 1-1:45pm. Eileen is smiling wearing a blue striped shirt.

We can’t wait to see you!

If you’re thinking about finding a physical space for your practice, wanting to meet more professionals, or are looking for ways to deepen your practice, find out more here.

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