December 10, 2023

Surviving the Holidays: Eating Disorder Recovery

Eating Disorders

Holidays are a time for joy, community, and fun…but they can also bring a lot of stress and conflicting feelings. It often brings unique challenges for those in eating disorder recovery or healing their relationship with food and their bodies. Meals with loved ones and societal pressure can trigger stress and anxiety. Busy schedules can make it difficult to set time aside to care for yourself. If you’re feeling nervous about the holidays, it’s totally understandable and we’ve got you! Here’s your guide to surviving the holidays while in eating disorder recovery.

Embrace Self-Compassion:

It’s okay to set boundaries that support your recovery. Grant yourself permission to prioritize self-care and acknowledge the progress you’ve made. It can feel uncomfortable in the moment to say no to an outing you don’t have energy for or to ask a relative to please not comment on your body. But, give yourself compassion and embrace what you need. Additionally, recovery isn’t linear. Give yourself empathy and patience if eating disorder recovery during the holidays isn’t going as you expected.

Plan with Purpose:

Creating a plan that aligns with your recovery goals is empowering. Communicate your needs to friends or family members to ensure you have a supportive environment during gatherings. Schedule in your therapy, dietitian, and other important appointments. Pack snacks and advocate for meal breaks to be sure you’re nourishing your body throughout busy holiday activities. Allow enough space for you to rest.

Find Support:

Lean on your community. Whether it’s a therapist, support group, family, or trusted friend, having someone to confide in can make recovery feel less lonely.

Asking for help can be uncomfortable if you’re feeling like you have to survive the holidays while in eaitng disorder recovery on your own…but it can also be incredibly empowering. If you want a little help figuring out what support you need or how to ask for it, check out this blog post.

Reflect and Celebrate Progress:

Take a moment to recognize your strength and resilience in your recovery journey. Celebrate every step forward and give yourself permission to enjoy every moment that you can.

Surviving the Holidays

The holiday season doesn’t have to feel like an impossible challenge to your progress in recovery. By approaching it with self-compassion, mindful planning, and asking for support, you can navigate this time while honoring your journey to healing.

Remember, your recovery is worth every effort. We’re wishing you a warm and gentle holiday season!

If you’re seeking further support or guidance during this holiday season, we’re here to help. Schedule your free discovery call today!

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